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U6-U8 Development Overview

Our U6 - U8 program is focused on making the game of soccer a fun experience for every player. We recognize that participation in sport at this age is about doing something that we love. Players want to experience time on the ball, learn cool moves, and find joy in the challenge of trying new things. After leaving a training session or game, each player should have more joy for the game than they arrived with and they should look forward to their next soccer activity.

Training at this age emphasizes discovery and individual skill development . Coaches will guide players to try new moves on the ball and offer a safe nest where each player experiences freedom to try cool and challenging skills without fear of negative feedback. Players will learn through positive feedback, encouragement and making mistakes. The coach will guide players to discover solutions with an emphasis to use their ball handling skills to solve problems and unbalance opponents. We recognize that these players are just beginning their soccer journey and they need time to discover what works for them when they have the ball at their feet. In addition to learning skills on the ball, each session will develop mobility, balance, coordination and overall athleticism.

Creating sound habits is at the core of what we hope to build with this age group. Players are taught at each session how to give your best (EFFORT) and how to do it right (EXECUTE). In training, players receive immediate feedback when they achieve these concepts. Players receive constant positive verbal and non-verbal feedback. Players hear praise when they are performing well. They receive a high-five when giving solid effort and they receive a fist-bump when they execute correctly. Players also receive feedback at the end of the session to reinforce where they performed well and what can be done to elevate their success.

Some of our U8 players compete in league games against other clubs. Playing time is equal as much as possible. These games are 4v4 and do not have goalkeepers and there is no official score posted. The games are most often officiated by the coaches who are on the field guiding players to learn the core principles of the game. We also offer development options for players looking for a less rigorous game/training regiment. Players may look to train on a 1x/week basis and we offer options to fill that part-time training need.

Approximately 70% of the time in training players are focused on soccer moves with the ball, ball manipulation, and mastering correct technique. This time on the ball happens with and without applied pressure from an opponent. 1v1 situations are extremely important to teach players spatial awareness and gauge speed/distance of oncoming pressure. Players will be encouraged to try to unbalance opponents when they have the ball before looking to give the ball to a teammate. Players will be encouraged to take on pressure from opponents and learn to be confident in solving problems with their feet.

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