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U11-U12 Development Overview

Our U11 - U12 program has the goal of teaching players to succeed and commit more to soccer. Love of the game should drive their passion to play. Players want to express themselves with the ball and they should have a platform to do this. Players are hyper-competitive but are also becoming sensitive to the opinion of others. Learning to navigate under this spotlot to find success can be challenging, so players need a guide to help them balance their decision making processes.

Teaching at this age emphasizes execution, and making decisions . Coaches will guide players to try to use their arsenal of skills to solve problems and discover how to navigate challenges. The brain is beginning to better understand spatial awareness and this will allow players to see beyond what is immediately in front of them. With this developing awareness, players will be given more complex problems to solve that will not only engage their technical qualities, but will begin to draw from their tactical understanding as well. Players will begin playing in overload scenarios where they may be part of a group with more or less players than the opposition. This will broaden the opportunities to find solutions to problems. Discovery for each player continues is the dominant force in retaining what is learned in training.

Competition for the outdoor seasons are played on a small-sided field with 9 players on each team. One of the 9 players is a goalkeeper with 8 players on the field. Teams participate in regional leagues that are gender specific. The games are officiated by a referee provided by the league. The fall and spring season generally has 8 games with 4 being at home and 4 being away at nearby clubs in the same division. Each division is organized by similar skill levels to provide the best competition possible. Playing time will not be shared equally. Merit, effort and balancing the score results will dictate playing time and which positions players are asked to play.

Training at this age emphasizes technical proficiency, quick thinking and how to apply a broad range of skills to make sound decisions. Players will be challenged by games that require players to create space with skill, find options, and protect the ball. Priority is in finding options to maintain possession and unbalance opponents in combination with teammates rather than giving the ball away quickly to avoid risk. Looking for solutions and navigating pressure in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 situations are emphasized to promote sound decision making in isolated scenarios. Players will learn their role as a 2nd or 3rd attacker and how their work off the ball can support the attack and unbalance the opposition. Players will play fast paced games that require quick decision making and quality execution in dribbling and passing.

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