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U13/High School Development Overview

Our U13+ program has the goal of driving players towards excellence. At this stage of the development pathway, players will now shift their primary focus in development from ME to US. This means that collective development and success begins to become the primary focus in solving problems to achieve goals. At the core of everything, we look to improve team success. We hope to see players driven to play high school soccer and beyond. Players that are looking to play beyond high school will be encouraged to participate in showcase tournaments, attend college camps and work with us to prepare a pathway to play in college.

Teaching at this age emphasizes execution , accountability and collaboration . Individual skills are necessary to perform at a high level and skills should be used a means to solving a collective team goal. Players should have developed a sound foundation in dribbling, passing and shooting. Understanding risk vs reward is a focal point. Players will be given problems with higher complexity that will engage more than just their technical qualities, but will draw from their tactical understanding of soccer. Players will spend more time playing in overload scenarios where they may be part of a group with more or less players than the opposition and this will demand more collective solutions to solve problems. Problem solving will be placed on the shoulders of players and they will need to combine with teammates to discover solutions. The players are learning to manage the game independently. Players will feel a sense that they are coaching themselves and their teammates.

Competition for the outdoor seasons are played on a full field with 11 players on the field for each team. Teams participate in regional leagues that are gender specific. Teams may also travel to participate in tournaments from a few hours away in state to out of state across the nation. The games are officiated by a referee provided by the league. The fall and spring season generally has 8 games with 4 being at home and 4 being away at nearby clubs in the same division. Each division is organized by similar skill levels to provide the best competition possible. Playing time will not be shared equally. Merit, effort and balancing the score results will dictate playing time and which positions players are asked to play.

Training at this age emphasizes collective problem solving, correct application of individual skills, and improving physical stamina to compete for sustained periods. Training will challenge players to deal with complex problems and players will learn how their decisions can have a positive or negative impact on the team. Players will be encouraged to reduce risk to solve problems and maintain team possession. The team will learn to collectively unbalance the opposition while at the same time maintain a balanced team shape. Forward players will combine to penetrate through the opposition and the back line will stay connected to support and balance. Players who have successfully completed our development pathway will possess proficiency in the 4 development domains. Given full effort and commitment, players will receive everything necessary to reach their maximum potential.

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